“A harrowing, haunting, and beautifully written novel…”
–Library Journal

“Thrilling… crowd-pleasing.”
–Publishers Weekly

“… an action-packed, plot-driven thrill ride that is frightening and savage.”
–Rue Morgue Magazine

“Highly accomplished… bloody excellent.”
–Financial Times

“In a word: relentless.”
–London Telegraph

“Hands down one of the best zombie novels I’ve read in a long, long time.”
–David Moody, acclaimed author of AUTUMN

“A hair-raising quest… Zito expertly piles on thrills, cliffhangers and numerous twists.”
–The Guardian UK

“Compelling, captivating and at times hauntingly scary.”
–Fantasy Book Review

“This is a damn good book and it has potential to be a zombie classic.”
–Buy Zombie

“‘Contagion’ meets ‘Mad Max’.”
–The London Times

“An overload of thrills, spills and adventure.”
–The Sun

“A highlight of the subgenre… Best Horror Novel of 2011.”
–Drying Ink